Wednesday, 26 September 2012

European Smart Grid Cyber and SCADA Security

I was once told that the war of the future will not be won on a battlefield, but instead on a keyboard.   Each day we hear more about the vulnerabilities of our Criticial Infrastructure, with new reports of intrusion and disruption on networks that were never designed to handle such threats. Will industry, Government and solution providers be able to come together, define a roadmap, share information, develop a common standard and gain the upper hand against advanced persistent threats? Or will we not see a unified vision until the threat has reached the home front in a more devasting example of what we are truly against? Lights out anyone?
The 3rd Annual European Smart Grid Cyber and SCADA Security forum in London will again bring together leading industry players from Utilities, Government, Security Vendors and authoritative Laboratories and Research organisations to address how we create a common voice in combating the ever growing threats against Smart Grid, Industrial Control/SCADA Security.

For 2013 we have brought in new speakers, whilst maintaining updated perspectives from some of our most popular presenters from the last two years.
How will we as an industry respond to this growing and persistent threat? Who's responsibility is it? Can we unify and develop a leadership perspective that can identify emerging threats, neutralise or be strategically positioned to respond effectively? How does a "Smart Grid" with extended attack surfaces protect itself?
Our 2 day conference will address Industrial Control vulnerabilities, AMI security, Risk Management, Advanced Early Warning intrusion detection systems, Hacking Smart Cities and Water Utility systems and provide valuable insight into the weaknesses of vendor security systems.
Not to be missed, ensure you are part of this discussion. The agenda already includes 16 strategic stakeholders. Contact me for more information. 

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