Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Nation State Cyber Threat presentation announcement

We are please to announce the closing key note presentation for the London based European Smart Grid Cyber Security Forum March 12th and 13th will be given by Chief Cyber Security Strategist, LTCOL (RET)William Hagestad II, of

LTCOL (RET)William Hagestad II will be providing a in depth presentation covering:
Overview of the international cyber threat landscape
Who are the key players
How governments, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and commercial enterprises have been attacked
A review of a Chinese Cyber Threat history

Bill is the author of "21st Century Chinese Cyber Warfare" published 1 March 2012 by IT Governance in Ely, Cambridgshire, United Kingdom. This treatise on the People's Republic of China electronic and information warfare is available from either IT Governance @ or @ via

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