Tuesday, 8 November 2011

“Utility cyber security is in a state of near chaos, but there is hope"

According to Senior Analyst Bob Lockhart of Pike Research “After years of vendors selling point solutions, utilities investing in compliance minimums rather than full security, and attackers having nearly free rein, the attackers clearly have the upper hand.  Many attacks simply cannot be defended.  That said, Pike Research has observed a dawning awareness by utilities during the past 18 months of the importance of securing smart grids with architecturally sound solutions.  There is hope.”

We couldn't agree with Mr Lockhart more, and fully support Pike research's thorough analysis of the Smart Grid market. Last March, Mr Lockhart was kind enough to moderate a panel for us that included:

  • William Barker , Chief Security Advisor, NIST.
  • Bob Lockhart, Senior Analyst , Pike Research.
  • Ian Collard, Security Practice Manager , Siemens.
  • Robert Cragie, Chair of the ZigBee Security Working Group, ZigBee Alliance.
  • Saadat Malik, Senior Manager, Smart Grid Solutions and Architecture, Cisco Systems.
  • Evangelos Ouzounis , Senior Expert, Network Security Policy, ENISA - European Network and Information Security Agency.
  • Johan Rambi , Privacy & Security Officer , Alliander.
  • Kenneth Van Meter, General Manager, Energy & Cyber Services, Lockheed Martin

Don't miss the 2012 event on European Smart Grid Cyber Security Forum http://www.smartgridcybersecurity.co.uk to hear how the international community are developing partnerships and framework for a more secure grid

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