Thursday, 27 October 2011

SAIC join the forum, great to have you back Gib

Very pleased to have SAIC join the ranks of authoritative solution providers to support and contribute to the European Smart Grid Cyber Security Forum.  I met with Gilbert Sorebo, Chief Cybersecurity Technologist , after last years sell out event, and had the pleasure of riding a busy London tube with him. Not only did we get to have a great catch up on what's happening in the US, but also a great opportunity to reflect on finally having a European platform for all to create a common voice.

In March 2012, SAIC will be joining us again - providing another brilliant presentation to our audience entitled "Smart Grid Security: A look to the future". This session will look at the future of Security for the Smart Grid as distributed generation, cyber for plug in Vehicles (Blogger note: Big question! How are end users, utilities and infrastructure providers going to meet this challenge-? The entire EV automative market is moving far quicker than the utilities are in developing infrastructure to meet demand-comments? ) as well as Distributed energy technology challenges, evolving threats, cascading failure modes and more..

Gilbert was kind enough to comment on why SAIC are supporting this event, stating "The Forum offers a unique opportunity for SAIC to help European utilitiesunderstand the importance of Smart Grid security and the solutions that are available."

Gilbert has recently co-authored a book on Smart Grid security that will be released in December in case any of the attendees would be interested - Contact us we would be happy to help you find a copy - Jamison Nesbitt, Business Development Director,

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